Dating Advice

If you have just joined Online Dating Local, then the next step is to get those dates! To do this, try to make your profile as appealing as possible, let your personality shine through! Here’s our list of those all important do’s and don’ts, we suggest you follow these for your own enjoyment and safety.


DO be honest
It may be tempting to exaggerate about yourself or things you’ve done in your life, but just think how you’d feel if the roles were reversed.
DO be positive
Put your achievements in there, no matter how small they may seem. Whether you’ve run the London Marathon or your local walk for charity, write it down. Don’t make too many generalisations about your hobbies or likes and dislikes. Make the first sentence pop out, an attention grabber!
DO add photo’s
Add as many as you can, a colourful pictorial of you and your life will grab someone’s attention. Make sure they are of you though, and not “borrowed” from somewhere or someone.
DO try to take rejection gracefully
If someone’s not interested, then their just not interested. Don’t get mad and write any abusive rants or messages to someone that didn’t reply to a message. It may feel good at the time, but guaranteed you’ll feel silly and embarrassed later on. Just think, maybe they’re not the right person for you, but there’s plenty more out there that are!
DON’T Be negative
People don’t want to read about negative things. Don’t talk about failed relationships or anything bad.
DON’T just wait around
Your profile may be top notch and look fabulous, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a deluge of messages and interest. Browse profiles, be pro active in your quest for a date and see who’s out there.
DON’T send bulk emails
Don’t send the same email to mass profile’s, send individual messages to those who catch your eye. There’s nothing like the more personal touch tailored to a particular person.

Will it be mutual like or dislike. Is the person who you’ve always dreamed of? The first date is always going to be nerve wracking, but don’t let that ruin the excitement. Don’t build your hopes up to much, just relax and enjoy the date. So what if it doesn’t work out, at least you had a good time.


Whatever date you go on, with whoever you go with; please make sure you stay safe. Meet your date in a busy place, if your meeting at night time, make sure the area is also well lit. Tell a friend or relative where it is you are going and who with. If your date insists on going somewhere you are uneasy about, don’t go, and if you feel the need to, leave all together.
DO be ready
Think of questions you can ask your date that are open ended, so can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. Use information from off their profile in order to think of such questions. This will ensure the conversation doesn’t dry up.
DO think before you speak
Try not to bring up touchy or sensitive subjects such as peoples beliefs. If you touch on a subject that your date seems to find uncomfortable you’ll soon notice by looking at their body language. If something appears to upset them, change the conversation.
DO leave emotional traumas at home
No one wants to hear about those emotional and negative traumas you’ve had in your life, or how you failed at something, at least not on a first date anyway. Try to be positive, this isn’t a therapy session.
DO think about money
Be prepared to pay your way. Don’t expect your date to pay for you, and don’t feel obliged to pay for your date. If your date insists on paying, try paying for something else later on, like a round of drinks. Try to keep it fair, so no one goes home feeling like they owe the other person.
DO be honest
If at the end off your date, you don’t feel anything, be honest. It can be awkward, but don’t tell your date that “we should do this again” if the idea of a second date does nothing for you, and don’t promise to call if you have no intention of doing so. On the other hand, if you did have a good time, make sure you tell them so, after all they’re not a mind reader.
DON’T forget your manners
Remember this is a first date, so first impressions count. Take a shower, wear clean clothes and most importantly, be on time. Try to leave your mobile phone for emergencies only, don’t go making or taking long phone calls or embark on a text marathon. One night away from the phone won’t hurt.
DON’T do the usual
Have a date with a difference. Some dinner dates can feel more like an interrogation, than a fun time out, sitting face to face can sometimes be a bit of a conversation killer. Try to choose a date that takes the pressure off. Visiting an exhibition or a market of some sort can give you something to talk about and enjoy. If at the end of the date there’s no chemistry, then at least you can say you had fun!


So, you enjoyed the date, sparks flew and now the date is nearly over, do you, or don’t you move it to the bedroom?! It’s not like the days of old when a simple peck of the cheek would end an evening, we move much faster nowadays, but ultimately the decision of how far to take your first date is yours and yours alone. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay safe.

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